lunes, 20 de junio de 2016



Hello everybody. Because we love animals and we wanted to learn about them we've been investigating about different animal groups.
In Amazònia class, kids have been doing amazing presentations. Here you are the posters we've done.

All groups did their presentations in english and they also did a MINIBOOK with all the important information for their speech.


Hello, in AMAZÒNIA CLASS we love animals, and we have decided to do some investigations about them. We are working in small groups and we are going to do some presentations for the class.

  Here we are categorizing some animals

Here we were playing and classifying differnt animal types.

Hi there!
Here you can practice a little bit what we have done in class about animals.  Enjoy it!  See you soon.

Here we played WHO AM I?    We gave some information about ourselves but without writing the Name and the rest of the class had to GUESS who had written the paper. It was a SECRET!

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