viernes, 18 de diciembre de 2015


Do you know what do we have to say when we are in a hospital, at the supermarket, clothing store or when you are lost?
Let's practice!

- First, we decide what situation we would like to do.

- Second, each group looks for information about these situations, with a  support guide, like: what do we have to say when we want a size? and, if we want to know the price, how is the question?

- Third, each group makes settings for their own situations...

AT THE SUPERMARKET, while they're
                              making a cash register, IN THE STREET realize  BUS STOP posters.

  CLOTHING STORE prepare their sales.. ...and AT THE HOSPITAL they write their prescriptions.

-  Finally, after so much  rehearsals, they show it!

Pegàs think about improve their shows and, because of that, we are still working!

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